Virtual Healthcare Benefits: Improving Employee Wellbeing and Performance

The change in the Canadian workforce continues to evolve with diversity of generations within each company. With millennials forming a huge chunk of this workforce, the needs of today’s employees require an evolved and personalized benefits offering. Many millennials prefer to work remotely from home on a part time or full-time basis. Since most of them are digital natives, offering health benefits virtually is the best way to keep utilization and engagement levels high. The sandwich generation requires other personalized support to ensure they are present and engaged.

Virtual healthcare helps companies save huge costs by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity, in addition to keeping employees happy and stress-free. The benefits of virtual healthcare are not limited to treating many physical conditions and diseases but also for ensuring good mental health. Considering the high levels of stress and burnout that happens in the immensely competitive world of work, employees, too, tend to value better health benefits over higher salaries.

Learn how companies can embrace innovation in their benefits plans to promote better health, productivity, and wellness for their employees.